Kinship Carers

Kinship Care In The UK Is Rising

The Children and Young People’s Act 2008 states that family and friends care should be the first option when children cannot live with their parents.  Some kinship children live in informal arrangements, whilst others live under different types of legal arrangements. In recent years there has been a substantial increase in the number of Special Guardianship Orders granted for previously looked after children.

A series of court judgements have indicated that local authorities need to give greater regard to family members when looking at long term placements for children who cannot live with birth parents.

The latest UK figures I could find showed that there are up to 300,000 children being raised by their grandparents, other family members or friends. An estimated 200,000 of these are grandparents.

Many Grandparents don’t have their Grandchildren living with them but they do care for them on a regular basis. Latest figures show that there are approximately 14 million Grandparents in the UK. One in every three people over the age of 50 years old is a Grandparent.

In the past two generations, the number of children being cared for by their Grandparents has increased substantially from 33% to 82%. Almost two-thirds of all Grandparents (approx 5 million) regularly look after their Grandchildren.

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