Your Life With Grandchildren

As I stated in an earlier post grandparents in particular seem to be the major carers of children and many say how lonely and exhausting it can be. You can feel very isolated as your other friends won’t be in the same position as you. Finding other people to talk to can also be difficult. Most people with children the age you are looking after are invariably 20+ years younger.

When you first get the children it can seem very claustrophobic, You can’t do things that other people of your age can. You have no freedom to do the things that you want to do anymore.

Having the children living with you is a total impact on your life. Any plans you had for when your own children left home just fly out of the window. It’s hard when you realise that this could be your life for the next 17 years (only 12 years to go in our case)!

I must be honest, at times I have though “this is not my life”. Please don’t feel guilty if you are in the same situation as we are and you have felt the same thing, it’s normal. Trying to keep up with the children is difficult. When my children were small I had the energy to run round after them. Now, my energy levels seem non existent and it makes it so hard when you have energetic children who never stop! This again leads to feeling guilty that you are not doing right by them.

When things seem bad please remember that the children would be in a worse situation if it wasn’t for you. One of the main things children need is love and you are giving them plenty of that by being there for them. All you can do, is do your best, your Grandchildren will have the best upbringing you can give them.

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