Learning A New Language

Abbie decided a while ago that she wanted to learn Swedish. The reason behind this is that she wants to move there after going on holiday. We looked at several language courses including some free ones like Duolingo: Learn Languages Free and Innovative Language 101 – Learn English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, and more. But neither of these had Swedish on them.

We ended up choosing The Rosetta Stone Swedish Complete Course. This was one probably the most expensive but we waited to buy it until an offer came on for 60% off.

All the family have been using it but Abbie is doing brilliantly. She seems to have a natural aptitude for it. Although at school she hated doing French so maybe it’s wanted to go to the country that fuels the learning? I have recorded a small section today of her doing a pronunciation section so you can see what it is like. YouTube video


Working At Home Without Books

After getting home from the home education local meeting Abbie wanted to go straight into doing some work and ended up watching a video on circulatory & pulmonary systems. I was never a Youtube fan but it is such a fantastic resource when you home educate. I’ve found video’s on virtually every subject you can think of.


First Home Education Meeting

We attended our first home education meeting today. This was only the third meeting for a new local group that has started so quite quiet at the moment but that suited us fine.

Abbie played pool first off with me and then with a girl she met at group, it really makes a change seeing her interacting with another child through choice.

First HE Meeting

I went to my first HE meeting last night, adults only at a pub (first time I’ve been out in years). It was nice to have a talk with 2 other people who are home educating. Looking forward to more events and meeting more people.

My 10 year old has started another blog (just about her life now) and this is one line from today’s post. “since i have been taken out of school my behavior has improved especially towards my sister”. It’s nice to know that she is thinking like that.

Spring Walk

On friday we went to our local country park to feed the ducks.Ducks

I identified some trees and we had two go’s in the park.

And we were lucky and quiet enough to even see a squirrel up close!


We also saw some ducklings and goslingsrsz_imga0811 rsz_1imag0438, sooooo cute!!

They came so close that i could touch them! But i don’t think mummy duck would be very impressed!




We spent half the day in the woods and in the country park today. It’s only a short (10 minute walk) from the house to the park. Lots of cute little creatures around. But, I’m not allowed to tell you about them as Abbie is writing a blog post tomorrow with photos!!!!

I’m looking forward to going to my first HE meeting on Monday (evening meet for adults only). And on Wednesday morning we will be attending a group meet. Hopefully lots of children there and things to do.

Joint/Duo Reading 2

Abbie used to love reading from age 3 until she was 6. After year 2 at school she really didn’t enjoy it anymore and especially not out loud. We never found out the reason why. So we were so surprised today when she was doing the duo reading with my husband. Three times she carried on reading after she had read ‘her page’. It was funny to hear her ask “how many pages have I read?”

We hope we are turning a corner now and she will start to enjoy it again and read for fun.

Joint/Duo Reading

We have started reading today. We decided on a new strategy, a version of joint reading which we named duo reading. We have had a copy of  Blitzcat by Robert Westall for a number of years and we then found The Robert Westall Box Set but kept the single copy. So now either me or my husband have one copy and Abbie has the other. We read a page and she follows, then it’s her turn. This enables us to point out when she either adds words in or misses them out (which she does on a regular basis).

We have also found that she is more likely to ask about words that she doesn’t know the meaning of.