Countdown Until The Home Ed Starts

I’m sat here now with 18 hours to go until I have to go to school and hand in the dereg letter. Lots to do, we are probably going to have a structured day. Some people do no formal lessons at all, others do almost school at home. I think we will be going somewhere down the middle.

We have been out this morning to the local car boot and managed to pick up a copy of Great Wonders Of The Modern World (8 DVD Box Set) I think we will watch each DVD before she sees them and make a list of questions for her.

We also picked up exercise books and work books. Whether these will be used once we have settled down is another matter completely.

I’m also looking on various sites (I have never had as many bookmarks in my life) and seeing what we might be interested in. Luckily she loves maths so I’ve found several ‘games’ with involve maths to some degree. I think I will give her this tomorrow and then do a worksheet on shapes.

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