EHE Letter

We finally got a letter from EHE team to acknowledge that she had been taken out of school. It only took 8 weeks 🙂 They have said that they will be in touch shortly to offer a visit from an advisor. I know a lot of people don’t take the visits up but we are quite happy to try it at least once.


7 Weeks Today

Well it’s 7 weeks today since I handed in the de-reg letters and I haven’t threatened to send her back to school yet 🙂

We are almost back to normal with the work. We are following a semi structured approach as this seems to suit her better. I have done a timetable for this week, trying to stick to it is proving harder than I thought. We started this morning with maths and were doing a KS2 SATs practice paper.

I know she is well ahead with her maths anyway and expected it to be no problem. And, it wasn’t apart from finding out she had never done any work with calculating volume. So the next 2 hours which should have been history and art were spent teaching her about volume and pi.

One of the things I am finding most difficult is what work to give her. I already had some books, KS2 science and English and KS3 maths. Then I started searching online resources that were free. Next it was searching for more text books at the car boot sale. I’ve now got a nice mixture of things she can do. I do write out some maths problems for her and I also watch educational DVDs before she watches them so I can write down questions.

I will add a list of the current online resources I use in the next few days.

#30DaysWild 1

Ths year we  are taking part in .  This is a rundown of the first few days. On day 1 we had a short walk in the woods.


The second day we have taken apart an owl pellet to see what the owl had been eating IMGA0073 (1)

Day 3 of #30DaysWild we are ready for repotting the sunflowers, bees love them.

Day 4 of #30DaysWild we were animal spotting while walking through the woods and saw this cute little squirrel eating a nut in a tree
IMGA0163 (1)