Gulliver’s World, Warrington Review


In September 2015 the children stayed in Gulliver’s World in Warrington for a 2 night themed break.  I was lucky enough to win this in a competition, the cost would have been a little over £300 at the time. They went with my adult son and his partner, so it was a nice break for us as well.

My son said it was a bit disappointing as several rides were shut and if he had paid he wouldn’t have been happy.  It was also quite dated, but then again it’s not Alton towers you are paying for but a theme park aimed at under 10’s mainly and the entrance price reflects this. One thing everybody really liked was the Swizzles themed room, there was a large bowl of sweets!!!

The rest of this post is Abbie’s own words about the break.  I should point out she was 10 at the time of writing.

“In one corner of our room there was a huge love heart like the sweets ‘hearts’ and there were 2 stools, again a stack of ‘hearts, the main bed was bright and colourful and our room was quite small but the double decker beds had a TV each and separate remotes and the whole room was in the theme of a tree house!”


“After the first night we got up reasonably early to get our breakfast and there was A LOT of choice! There were cereals and juices to whole cooked English breakfasts and pancakes! I mainly had the cereal as that’s what I normally have (and a few pancakes!). Drinks as well were unlimited.”

“The rides were pretty good, the only thing wrong with the part was amount of baby rides, there were TOO MANY!!!”

“There were not many big kids rides except the odd few, I think the whole theme around this place is little kids witch doesn’t surprise me ‘cos’ if you see the morning show in the park before the rides open…… yep, INCREDIBLEY babyish!”


“There is also a indoor water park like the outside ones just inside. There is a little paddling pool for, again, the little kids but there a reasonably large play house cross with a climbing frame thing in the middle with a VERY scary bucket that fills to the top with water and then pours it all out with a splash, and I mean a VERY big and scary bucket!”

“Finally, while I was there I didn’t notice many food places (probably having too much fun, or just not looking!;) but as it turns out there were quite a few places. There were quite a few ice cream stalls (like every place in Britain), an odd pizza and burger place and there were also a few cafes dotted around the place.”

“I really enjoyed the weekend, it was made better by having Uncle Phillip & Auntie Rebecca there. I don’t think I would ever go again though as the older I get the less there will be for me to do. If they ever bring in more ‘big’ rides I would think about it though.”

Overall the children enjoyed themselves and the combined rating was:

3 and a half stars




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