#Walk1000Miles Challenge

Today is the first day of our challenge that will take up to a year to complete! The challenge is to #Walk1000Miles this year.

There are several different ways to complete the challenge, some people count every step they take during the year to reach the total, others exercise at home on treadmills  or you can do what we are planning on doing and only count ‘boots on’ miles which means we only add up the mileage when we are purposely going for a walk.

The ‘we’ is myself, Abbie who is 11 and Jess, 9. Jess has said that she doesn’t think she can do the 1000 miles but as it’s only 2.74 miles a day (if you walk everyday for the year) I think it’s well within her ability to do it. We will encourage her to join us on the walks and see how she does.

Most of our walks will be just around the local area, which luckily enough includes woodland and a country park on the doorstep. As Sherwood forest is also very close by (and the parking is free during the week until the end of April) so we might have a few walks around there as well.

There are several reasons for me wanting to do this, the main one being that I need to lose weight and get healthy. It also fits in well with the home education as it’s not only giving the children exercise but we will be combining the walks with nature lessons. There will be lots to see on our walks and we’ll be identifying trees, fungus and birds amongst other things. Finally I want to do just so I can say I did that 😀


I will be doing regular updates to let you know how we are doing, plus I’ll post photo’s of some of the things we see along the way.

Watch this space, or check out the hashtag #Walk1000Miles 😀 for more posts.

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