Parkour & A Very Busy Day

We’d read about parkour on one of the home education groups. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a child’s version of free running. Both Abbie & Jess wanted to try it and so we went to our first session this morning. The girl’s loved it, this is an excerpt from Abbie’s blog post:

” It was honestly LOADS better than I thought, and the instructors were quite nice as well. I can do a lot more than I thought I could. There’s a huge pit as well full of foam, so you could either jump off the baby ramp (like Jess did) or you could climb up to the high one (about 2m up), the first step is easy the second on too…. but the third is very hard to get on but it’s worth it when you jump off!!!!”

We will be going back as I think the children will make my life unbearable if we don’t.

After we got home it was a quick bit to eat then out for a walk as part of our #Walk1000miles challenge. We managed just over 3.5 miles so not too bad.

It’s now almost 5pm and I’m finally sat down, Tom has just taken Abbie to St John ambulance cadets so her day won’t be over until around 8 when she gets home.


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