#SaferInternetDay #SID2017

As a home educator my children spend a fair amount of time using the internet. They are often doing research for a topic, looking for answers to a question or even just watching a documentary online.  I do of course monitor what they are doing but it’s so easy for them to stumble upon some inappropriate content.

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally each February, this year more than 120 countries worldwide, including all 28 countries of the European Union are celebrating it for the fourteenth consecutive year.

Safer Internet Day addresses concerns by helping parents to understand the problems that children can face when using the internet and then arming them with the right tools to keep their children safe while they are online.

Evidence shows that whilst children are taught internet safety at school, or by parents, not all behave safely online.

  • Ofcom found that 45 per cent of 12- to 15-year-olds understand how search engines operate but one third say they think all search engine information is truthful.
  • Ofcom found that around 20 per cent of 8- to 15-year-olds with a social networking profile have it set to open.
  • EU kids online found that 29 per cent of UK children have had contact with people they had not met before.

The NSPCC have a fantastic online guide which is well worth a read if you have children who use the internet, which I’m assuming is most of us.

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