#100daysofhomeed – Week One

Taking part in #100daysofhomeed has encouraged me to take photo’s of the things the children do on a daily basis.  It’s amazing how much they do that I don’t even register as learning.

This week while we were taking part in the #walk1000miles challenge, we have identified trees and worked out the age of trees plus learned the names of a couple of new water fowl that we didn’t know before.

They’ve met up with other home educated children at the local park and also at parkour. A lot of painting and baking seems to have happened this week plus a few blog posts. And all the usual English, maths, science and history of course.

I wondered what would happen today as I didn’t ask them to do anything at all. I was quite surprised though as Abbie asked if she could make some croutons to go with the chicken soup that we made yesterday, Jess asked to go onto Prodigy maths and then they both asked if they could watch a couple of episodes of Inside Nature’s Giants.

All in all not a bad week.


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