Our New Home – Creative Writing

I gave Jess a bit of creative writing to do and it’s the most enthusiastic I have ever seen her when given work to do.

I asked her to write about the new home we all want, telling me about where it will be, what she would like around the area and what she wants in the house. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the writing and how quick she got it done. I must find something else along those lines again.

Here is her idea of the ideal house:

What My House Would Be Like When We Move

“My house would be in the middle of Scotland or near Loch Ness with forty or so acres of land for the dogs to run round, a pub for grandad, a game place for me and Abbiegail and a lake for nanny so she can get her steps in but it will be packed with swans, geese, grebes, ducks, fish and a heron or two.

In the house there would be one master bedroom two large bedrooms and one guest bedroom with a bath room in each bedroom as well as a TV. There would be a library for me, my Nan and my grandad with three comfy chairs and a couch (and no grumpy librarian saying shhh or quiet or glaring at you every second you are in there). Two living rooms one for the dogs and one for us because nanny doesn’t want every were covered in hairs or smelling of dog. The kitchen would be big and it would join to the living room that isn’t for the dogs.

In the back garden there would be as well as two workshops for my grandad, a pond with fish, a smallish treehouse for me, a small shop, and a well, there would be a barn with chickens and goats, from the chickens we’ll have fresh eggs and some chicks, from the goats we’ll have milk that can be made into goat’s cheese and two goats that breed so we’ve got kids.

In the aria around the house I’d like to have a small village with a bakery, a butchers, a post office and a Fulton’s but I wouldn’t mind if it was close to Maya and Maddie but that is what my house would be like when we move.”


NOTE: Maya & Maddy aren’t friends but 2 puppies from the litter our dog had in April who both moved to Scotland.

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