Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre York


The theatre from the top of Clifford’s Tower 

Last month I saw a post on a home education group about a performance of a Midsummer Nights Dream. I knew Jess would love to go, but I doubted Abbie would. Surprisingly she said yes so we put our names down.  The tickets were being awarded free through a bursary scheme.  As the minimum price for seated tickets was £39.95 this was a brilliant offer to home educators.

A few days before we were due to go I checked the details and was very surprised to find out that it was a lot more special than I had originally realised. Not only were we going to be in the second most expensive seats, £49.95 each, it wasn’t at a standard theatre either. No, we were going to a pop-up Elizabethan theatre  🙂

The pop-up theatre was inspired by the London Rose Playhouse which was built in 1587, 12 years before The Globe. The theatre is an historic 12 sided design, the same as a 16th century Shakespearean theatre.  The theatre was build with scaffolding, corrugated iron and timber. It took 3 weeks to build and is open for 10 weeks until the 2nd of September.

Diagram of the theatre from

The theatre is sat between Clifford’s Tower and York Castle Museum and only a 25 minute walk from the railway station.

This was the first Shakespeare play both myself and the children have ever seen, I loved it, but I think a lot was over the children’s heads, especially the Shakespearean English 😀

The Theatre

We all loved the fairies and the things they got up to when they weren’t centre stage.  It was a fantastic experience and the play was both entertaining and so funny, the actors and staging were excellent.  I really hope it comes back again soon as I will be going again.

These are the children’s blog posts on the theatre:


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