#Walk1000Miles 2019

As some people may remember in 2017 we started the #walk1000miles challenge. I started to document each months mileage but in March I got totally snowed under with work and couldn’t carry on with the updating. My total goal for the year was a little over 1900 miles.

Last January we started again with a brilliant total of 164 miles for the month. Unfortunately we didn’t really get much further for a few reasons. Firstly Abbie became a teenager and suddenly walks became boring!!! Has this happened to anybody else? Or, is it just mine?

Then in early April we became parents!! No, not a baby, 9 gorgeous puppies. This severely curtailed any walking, and anything else come to that as we were with the puppies 24 hours a day for 8 weeks, me and my husband taking shifts making sure they were all OK.

This Christmas though Jess got a fitbit and she is raring to go, she actually asked if we could do it again this year as she could track her own miles.

This will hopefully help with my weight loss which in turn may help with the IBS which is still an issue with everyday living.  Watch out for the posts starting soon.



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