Stainsby Mill National Trust

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Our youngest Jess loves the old buildings and regularly chooses history when she has a choice of what work to do so she’s loved the last few weeks of visits.

Stainsby Mill is managed by the National Trust, it is situated in beautiful countryside in Derbyshire. It is a restored 19th-century watermill in complete working condition and is situated on the Hardwick estate.

There has been a mill on this site since the 13th century but the existing mill was built in 1849 and is powered by a 17-foot diameter waterwheel. We were lucky that the mill was producing flour on the day we were there.  The guided tours are excellent, I would recommend them. The tour guides and staff are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the mill. All the milling is done by volunteers. Jess loved watching the flour being ground , the same methods that have been used for 100’s of years.

It was nice to see the wooden geared wheels which are used for transferring power from the mill wheel to the grinding machinery. As the guide pointed out as these are made from wood they are easy to replace if a tooth breaks. We did come home with a bag of hand milled flour and recipe leaflet, we are going to be using it in several recipes. This is our recipe for Wholemeal Maple Banana Bread   on Create Make Bake using this flour

Also don’t miss the barn which has lots of interesting information and short videos.

It’s not a big site, we were in there around an hour which included the tour and watching the videos. But, some lovely views when you get outside make it really enjoyable. If you’ve got time, which we hadn’t due to having to get home for the dogs,  it’s well worth combining this with a visit to Hardwick Hall.


20 thoughts on “Stainsby Mill National Trust

  1. I love visiting buildings like this – we have a restaurant nearby that is on the site of an old watermill and you can go and look at it all. I keep meaning to sign up to a National Trust membership, it definitely seems worth it.


  2. Sounds like a great place to visit, love it when places are fun but educational, and letting the children see how the flour is made, is far more memorable than reading about it in a book.


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