The Next Step In Our Home Ed Journey: College

Tomorrow Abbie, 14, starts a college course. This will be the first time since 2015 that I’ve not been completely in charge of her education. It’s a bit scary letting her go out on her own but I think this is something that will be good for both children. The constant arguing whenever they ate  in a room together these days is terrible and everybody in the house is suffering.

We started discussing the 14-16 college courses a few years ago but there was very limited choice at our local college. The other main downside was the fact that the college had children who had been suspended from school doing the same course as the home educated children.  A friends daughter went to this college 2 years ago and she had a few issues with these children disrupting classes as they would have done in school.

In July we had our annual meeting with the EHE adviser who recommended contacting a different college. When we spoke to Helen at the college, who deals with home education applications, she confirmed that they had several options for courses that would suit her and they did not take children who had been suspended/expelled from school. A child had to have been home educated for a minimum amount of time before they would even be considered for a place.

After reading all the information on the courses Abbie decided that she would like to go on the Animal Care course. This is a C&G Level 1 Diploma, 14 year old’s are only allowed to study level 1. The course also includes functional skills maths and English. This may be a problem as she is already doing a foundation English GCSE course and a higher tier maths GCSE. We will have to wait and see what they will do as she is so far above the level she will be taught at.


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