#Walk1000Miles Challenge – End Of The First Month

Well, we did it. We got to the end of January and we walked everyday. If the weather was really bad we just walked to the local shops, the long way round, which can be as much as a 2 1/2 mile round trip.  We’ve been out in the rain, high winds and temperatures of -2  but I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every walk.

The walks also act as a replacement for the school PE sessions the children miss from being home educated. A 3 miles walk and 30 minutes on the play equipment in the park more than make up for a couple of 30 minutes sessions they would have at school. Abbie has mild asthma and used to get out of breath regularly when we walked and also got ‘stitches’ in her side quite often.  All that seems to be changing after such a short time, no more stitches and she can walk a lot further without stopping.

The walks are also very useful as topic starters. We have spoken about so many things over the last 4 weeks ranging from evergreen trees through to the hole in the ozone layer and so many things in between. In seems that almost everyday we see something that sparks a conversation and quite often a project to do at home.

Now the important information, the mileage:

I managed 113.62 miles

Abbie did 104.46 miles

Jessie did 105.36 miles

I should point out that these are ‘boots on’ miles, we only count the mileage where we have purposely gone out for a walk. Miles around the house aren’t taken into account. it is amazing how many you do. Just in case anyone is interested my total mileage for the month was 228.14 miles WOW!!! This is just me, I just keep track of all my fitbit miles.  I make sure I do a minimum of 5 (fitbit) miles a day, even if that means that I end up jogging around the kitchen at 10pm to make sure I get to my target (and yes I’ve done this several times).

I’ve taken so many photographs and it was so hard to choose but here are a few of my favourite photo’s from January:

Fitbit & A New Health Regime

I received a fitbit for Christmas which is going to be perfect for my new health regime. From tomorrow I’m setting myself a goal to walk a minimum of 5 miles a day and  do 10,000 steps a day. This will fit in brilliantly with my #Walk1000Miles challenge. More about that on the 1st January.

Due to an ongoing stomach problem I need to lose weight and also change my diet. Once all the ‘nice’ food has gone from Christmas we will be starting, as a family, reducing the amount of processed  foods and ready made foods that we eat. We are also cutting out chocolate, cakes and sweets for a couple of weeks as the children will have eaten a lot more than normal over the holiday.

I’m not actually going on a diet at the moment but I’m hoping that the lack of sweets and junk foods plus the walking will result in the loss of a few pounds.  This will all be starting as soon as possible but I’m estimating that it will be the 8th of January and will carry on until Abbie’s birthday on the 3rd February.

Once I’ve worn the FitBit for a few weeks I’ll do a review on it to let you know how it performs.