IBS – FODMAP Diet – 3rd Week Update

Its three weeks since I decided to try the FODMAP diet for my, possible, IBS. The first week I followed the diet to the letter and after the first two days, no stomach problems. Apart from having some homemade vegetable soup my diet was very boring though. Porridge for breakfast every day. Then I had boiled potatoes and carrots with either pork steak or chicken for my evening meal for the first 5 days.  So at the weekend myself and Abbie decided to see what I could eat.

On the Saturday we made sweet & sour chicken, corn bread and chocolate cake, all FODMAP friendly. On Sunday I did a roast, I was allowed to eat everything apart from gravy, I was naughty and had one spoonful though.

Week two started off well until the Sheppard’s pie, even worse, my husband’s homemade Sheppard’s pie. I simply couldn’t resist it but thought I would be OK. The only things in it I shouldn’t really eat was onion & stock cubes. I did only had a very small amount as well. I waited for the stomach ache to start, but nothing, I was fine, see, knew I would be! The next day Abbie baked cookies, again I know they had flour in but surely one wouldn’t affect me, again it didn’t. I then started to become very complacent, major mistake!

You can see where this is going can’t you? By Saturday all these little bits and pieces that ‘would be fine’ have resulted in me being awake half the night with stomach ache and sitting with hot water bottles all day on Sunday.  I did used to have willpower, no idea where it’s gone.

The third week was really bad for the first 3 days, I did follow the diet again and things started to settle down properly on Friday. I was eating mainly bland food that week and on Friday started adding in omelettes and more stir fries.

This week we went to Chester Zoo, so I did eat a few things I shouldn’t again but lucky it wasn’t overly bad. Restarting properly again this week, just hoping I can find that will power, it must be somewhere.

If you would like to have a look at my FODMAP recipes I am starting to list them on my website.


After going back and forwards to the doctors with numerous stomach & digestive problems I am going to work on the assumption that it is most probably IBS which is behind it all. As there is no actual test for IBS the diagnosis is a bit hit and miss. Last year they found I had a helicobacter pylori infection, acid reflux & gastritis after numerous tests. I was on antibiotics & other tablets for just over 2 months, everything settled down for a while but the last 6 months have been hell.

I have lost count of the number of things I’ve had to cancel over the last few years as I’ve not been able to leave the house because of stomach problems. Regularly when I was working (I’m self employed and I do shows & events mainly at the weekend), I couldn’t eat from lunch time the day before so I could leave the house early the next day. I would regularly not dare to eat for over 24 hours when I was working. This of course made my digestive system worse though, and the vicious circle started again.

I have already found a few foods that cause me problems such as onions, anything fizzy, fried/fatty foods & some vegetables.  A doctor suggested FODMAPS which I had never heard of but I’m willing to try anything to get out of this cycle of stomach cramps, diarrhoea & bloating so I can start to enjoy life again.

Let me explain about FODMAP, in case you, like me, have never heard about this. FODMAP stands for:  Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides & Polyols, bit of a mouthful I know. These are a collection of poorly absorbed simple & complex sugars which are found in a variety of fruits & vegetables but they also found in milk & wheat.

I have done a fair bit of research on what foods are likely to be bad for me but last week I found this page which contains a list of bad and good foods. I am starting changing my diet from tomorrow and I am aiming to just stick to the ‘good’ foods for between 2 and 4 weeks and then I will start to re-introduce some things and see if I have any reaction to them.

There’s one thing that I can’t cut out, milk. I cannot drink tea & coffee black so that has to stay in my diet but I will cut down as much as possible. The rest I will stick to, it is going to be hard but I have to look at the long term benefits. I will keep you posted on how I do with this.