TinyMe Personalised Books Review

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to review one of the personalised books from Tiny Me.  The book we picked was the Australian Adventure one for our then 6 year old.

In the story your child joins Cheeky Monkey as the star in this book as they travel around Australia in search of their friend Kanga Jack. An exciting, adventure filled story full of fabulous friends, new and interesting places and lots of fun facts about Australia. Great for developing an understanding of Australian landmarks, native animals, cultural foods and geography.  The main thing that Jess loved was the fact that her name was on the front cover and also mentioned a total of 25 times in the book.

The book is aimed at pre-school to early primary and I think it’s ideal for that age group. This is a perfect present for a special occasion such as Christmas or a birthday.


Joint/Duo Reading 2

Abbie used to love reading from age 3 until she was 6. After year 2 at school she really didn’t enjoy it anymore and especially not out loud. We never found out the reason why. So we were so surprised today when she was doing the duo reading with my husband. Three times she carried on reading after she had read ‘her page’. It was funny to hear her ask “how many pages have I read?”

We hope we are turning a corner now and she will start to enjoy it again and read for fun.

Joint/Duo Reading

We have started reading today. We decided on a new strategy, a version of joint reading which we named duo reading. We have had a copy of  Blitzcat by Robert Westall for a number of years and we then found The Robert Westall Box Set but kept the single copy. So now either me or my husband have one copy and Abbie has the other. We read a page and she follows, then it’s her turn. This enables us to point out when she either adds words in or misses them out (which she does on a regular basis).

We have also found that she is more likely to ask about words that she doesn’t know the meaning of.